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watch eclipse online free

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Wanna know more about Twilight Eclipse? Let’s talk about it then…

The entire ‘Twilight saga’ revolves around the innocent beautiful girl, Bella Swans, who shifts to the city of Forks to live with her dad, the Forks Chief of Police. She tries to make new friends and in the process gets attracted towards Edward Cullen, who is a vampire in reality. Edward does not like her around him initially. But very soon he starts liking her too and a spark ignites between the two.

Hence, begins a story of eternal romance between the two. Bella realizes the fact that he is a vampire, but it is too late by then as she is madly in love with him. The love that buds up in the first installment of the story takes many twists and turns before it reaches a stage where Edward is forced to abandon Bella for the good. Though he tries to go away from her, he is always around her and keeps a close watch on her. Heart broken, Bella tries everything possible to get him back in her life, but in vain. She then finds a very good friend in the form of Jacob Black, who later turns out to be her best friend. He does all he can to keep Bella happy and help her get over Edward. Before he realizes, he sees himself fall for Bella. He proposes his love to Bella, but she asks him for time and apologizes saying she has not got over Edward still.

Now with the return of Edward, Bella starts drifting towards him. This is disliked by Jacob and he starts maintaining distances from her. In the ‘Eclipse’, there is a mention of a scene of romance between Jacob and Bella. This is sure to arouse the curiosity of the viewers and pull them to the theatres. Bella realizes she is in love with Jacob too, but tells him that Edward was always her first love and will continue to remain her man always. Jacob still stays with them and helps them fight and defeat Victoria.

‘Twilight’ is expected to keep up its reputation of granting victory to the lovers at the end. The same tradition is expected to be continued in the third installment of the saga. Jacob was disappointed in the ‘New moon’, when at the end he ran away into the forest transforming himself into a wolf. One has to wait and watch if his love reaches its destination in the ‘Eclipse’.

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